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A Career in Medicine

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HealthSourceMag – Dr. Alddo Molinar on How to Thrive in Medical School and Residency

The path to becoming a doctor has a reputation for being, well, hard. While that reputation is a recognition of the very real challenges one encounters while pursuing the career,
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Inspirery – Alddo Molinar Doctor of Anesthesiology

Dr. Alddo Molinar is an anesthesiologist practicing medicine at East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley Medical Center. He is licensed to practice medicine in both the state of Ohio and
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Professional Tales – Dr. Alddo Molinar and the Direction of Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology as a field presents an interesting topic of study for those both in the profession and outside of it. Owing to its critical role in surgical operations, the specialization
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Alddo Molinar

Dr. Alddo Molinar is an attending anesthesiologist at both East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley Medical Center. From an early age, the future doctor showed a high level of aptitude that would help to predict his future success. Following multiple devastating illnesses in his family, he pledged to use that aptitude to become a medical professional so that he could work to alleviate suffering in others.