Dr. Alddo Molinar is an attending anesthesiologist at both East Ohio Regional Hospital and Ohio Valley Medical Center. From an early age, the future doctor showed a high level of aptitude that would help to predict his future success. Following multiple devastating illnesses in his family, he pledged to use that aptitude to become a medical professional so that he could work to alleviate suffering in others.

To that end, the doctor attended Trinity University for his undergraduate studies, majoring in Biology. After receiving his B.S. in the subject, he moved on to attend medical school at The University of Texas Southwestern at Dallas. He subsequently completed his residency and fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic.

While at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Alddo Molinar specialized in Anesthesiology and further subspecialized in Critical Care Medicine.  During his fellowship, he served as both Chief Fellow and invasive line instructor for the Department of General Surgery.  Dr. Molinar is board certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

The doctor’s work in his profession has been characterized by a high level of organization, a must in the busy environment of an operating room. He regularly engages in work with multiple concurrent surgeries, monitoring patient condition and bringing them in and out of anesthesia.  As an Intensivist, Dr. Molinar frequently follows his patient to the intensive care unit and rounds on them until they have completely recovered and left the hospital.  This attention to detail and ability to care for patients throughout a hospital encounter has won him accolades from patients and other doctors alike. 

The doctor is also known for maintaining high levels of communication with patients before and after procedures, often contacting his patients personally to ensure they are progressing well with their recovery. He builds this work into his daily schedule and will also take time after hours to make sure he has completed reaching out to patients. This is one of the many reasons that have caused him to become known for his high level of patient care.